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Short video taken during our annual Firearms Training Simulator (F.A.T.S.) training.   This training is designed to develop and sharpen a police officer's discretionary skills as well as reinforce conflict resolution abilities in real time.
  1. No-Shave-November
    On November 23, 2015, the Gas City Police Department was pleased to be able to give Teresa Clevenger a check for $1,700. This was made possible because of the generous donations we received during our No-Shave-November fundraiser.
  2. Welcome Officer Godfrey
    We want to take this time to welcome Andy Godfrey to the Gas City Police Department as our newest police officer.
  3. Blitz 85
    The Gas City Police Department participated in March's Dangerous & Impaired Driving Enforcement "Blitz 85" that ran from March 4 - 27. During the blitz, there were 6 extra patrols working 29 hours of overtime, paid from a grant issued from the Indiana Governors Council. As a result of this enforcement period 61 citations and 29 warnings were issued by our department.
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